Digital X-Rays

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, one of our key diagnostic tools is digital x-ray. X-rays were discovered November 8, 1895, and the first images were produced six days later. As with photography, x-ray technology has advanced tremendously in the past 20 years.

Today’s machines produce much clearer images, provide many more options for doctors, and expose patients to a fraction of the radiation as they did in the past. The amount of radiation you’re exposed to from our digital machine is around that of the amount you’d absorb flying one way from Charleston to Chicago.

Our physicians use x-rays to produce a blueprint of you as you currently are. It allows us to see injuries to the skeleton and joints both past and present, and also measure the levels of arthritis if present. As with any tool, the most important thing is how it’s used. Your initial x-rays with us are a vital part of the foundation of the treatment we develop for you.

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