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Complimentary consultation

Complimentary Consultation

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You Might Want To Know…

I think I’d like to come in for a consultation. How much is this going to cost?

Our consultations are free of charge. The purpose of the consultation is to see if we’re a good fit for you, and vice versa.

What exactly is going to happen during my first visit?

Your first appointment with us will be a free consultation with your case manager. We’ll be listening very carefully to everything you tell us – sometimes the smallest details are the most important.

We will also be reviewing the health history paperwork you have filled out. If it appears that your condition is something that we can treat, then you will have the option to have a new patient exam. In most cases, the cost of this exam will be your usual copay for a primary care visit. In the exam, you will receive a mild physical (no blood work), an orthopedic and neurological evaluation.

At the provider’s discretion, we may also take x-rays (done on site). This is all covered under the office visit fee previously mentioned. After your examination, we’ll want to see you back (usually within 1-2 days) to review the findings of your exam and to outline what our team has determined to be the best course of treatment for you. Finances will be discussed at this time (what insurance covers), so there will never be any “surprise” bills that appear.